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Keeping the brain tidy

It was previously believed that different languages are stored separately in the brain; the since criticised language switch hypothesis suggested that bilinguals were able to activate and deactivate languages, and thus the associated area of the brain. The findings of later experiments show the inaccuracy of [...]

The making of a podcast

So. You have now listened to some episodes of The Language Scientist Podcast (if not, go for it! We think they are pretty good!) and you might be wondering: “How do you even make a podcast?” I thought I would share our journey from Academics [...]

How does this word look to you?

By Weronika Walkowiak, research assistant with the Language Scientists In the captivating realm of linguistics and cognitive science, perception plays a significant role in shaping our understanding of things around us. Season two of The Language Scientists podcast starts with a fascinating episode that focuses [...]