S2 E1: How Does This Word Look To You?

In this Episode, we welcome you to Series 2 of the Podcast and talk about how the language that we know can influence the way we learn other languages. 

In particular, some foreign language words look really different compared to words in our native language. It may be that they include a combination of letters that are not possible in our native language. For example, “llw” in Welsh is quite frequent but for a speaker of English that will look quite unusual. 

How does this impact the learning of words? Join Dr Kaitlyn and Dr Marie in this episode to learn more about it (and we revisit incidental learning which is Marie’s favourite topic!).

Link to a research article about this here or if you prefer a quick research summary, read it here.

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What have you learnt from this episode? How has your attitude towards language learning been affected?

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