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S1 E4: Thinking Outside the Box to Assess Language Knowledge

In this episode, Dr Bisson interviews Dr Alex Mangold from Aberystwyth University on the topic of creative assessment. They discuss the decline in uptake of modern foreign languages at University level and Alex explains how creative assessments could change that by allowing students to produce a creative piece rather than always being assessed through more formal essay writing. […]

S1 E3: Tired of Memorising to Learn New Words? Just Read!

In this episode Dr Zavaleta talks to Dr Ana Pellicer-Sanchez about learning vocabulary through reading as well as her research using films with bilingual subtitles. You will find out what Ana recommends to improve vocabulary knowledge in and out of the classroom: from reading a book to watching a film and using an app, her message is clear, […]

S1 E2: Tracking Eye Movements Provides Insight into Language Knowledge

In this episode, Dr Bisson speaks with Professor Kathy Conklin about eye-tracking in language research. From archaic equipment with bite bar to newer online tools to track people’s eyes, Kathy explains what eye-tracking can tell us about language processing and language learning. In particular, you get to hear about her fascinating research on binomials: What is so […]

Keeping the brain tidy

It was previously believed that different languages are stored separately in the brain; the since criticised language switch hypothesis suggested that bilinguals were able to activate and deactivate languages, and thus the associated area of the brain. The findings of later experiments show the inaccuracy of this hypothesis. For example, in 1999 an eye-tracking study found […]