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How does this word look to you?

By Weronika Walkowiak, research assistant with the Language Scientists In the captivating realm of linguistics and cognitive science, perception plays a significant role in shaping our understanding of things around us. Season two of The Language Scientists podcast starts with a fascinating episode that focuses on the intricacies of perception in context of language – […]

S2 E4: Reviving language learning in the UK

In this episode, Dr Kaitlyn Zavaleta interviews Professor Neil Kenny, Professor of French at University of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow in All Souls College, and Lead Fellow for Languages for the British Academy. This episode addresses one of the central motivations for the podcast: how to increase the number of language learners in the UK. […]

S2 E3: “Hello” or “How do you do?” Is There A Rule?

In this episode, Dr Kaitlyn Zavaleta interviews Dr Jiayi Wang, about those “unwritten” rules of language use, which are known as “pragmatics”. What’s really interesting about pragmatics is that they aren’t really reflected in textbooks the way we originally learn a language. Dr Wang discusses research into English learners and their use of language in […]

S1 E9: Mouse-tracking: How to Study Language Online?

In this episode, Dr Zavaleta speaks with Dr Anue Kukona about psycholinguistic research. In particular, they discuss conducting research over the internet and the advantages that come with that in terms of a more diverse sample of participants, mouse-tracking as an alternative to eye-tracking, as well as predictions in language that goes at three times the normal […]

S1 E8: “What’s the word again?”: Mistakes Can Show Knowledge and Fluency.

In this episode Dr Bisson interviews Dr Zavaleta about her research on speech errors (when you say cat instead of dog or “Platurn” instead of planet because you were also thinking of Saturn… ). Dr Zavaleta explains how speech errors are a normal occurrence especially when we learn another language. Things get muddled up and the wrong […]

S1 E7: Designing a Language Study: Assigning Students to Groups

In this episode, Dr Bisson talks to Professor Matthew Inglis about the importance of randomised controlled trials in education research. In other words, why is it crucial to allocate pupils to an intervention randomly and at the pupil level (rather than, say, a whole class) in order to be able to draw strong conclusions from a research […]